Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About us: Her Take

We like pork. And we like it with a vengeance. Our collective pork pedigree includes curing our own bacon (Canadian and American! We are so multicultural), making pork sausage and air curing chorizo. (Thanks, Michael Ruhlman!) We've had a membership to the Bacon of the Month Club and own uni-taskers for pork related production like this and this. We've shared our pork love with friends with pork themed parties, like "Pink or Pork" (with prizes donated by the National Pork Board) and the annual JTR Ranch Pig Roast.

All of our pork adventures have been awesome learning experiences. Some recipes had great success, some not-so-much. (Not recommended: Guinness & dark chocolate bacon, so many great tastes, not so great together.) But let's face it, Everyone Loves Bacon. It's time to take our pig love to the next level. The Pied.

We first learned about Au Pied de Cochon from our tiny, Singaporean friend (that can out-drink us all and devoured all the pig skin at The Pig Roast) who raved about deep fried things stuffed with foie gras and pork and duck fat and everything good in the world. Luckily, a few years later, our friends got married in Montreal (Thanks, Kris and Lisa!), so we were able to try the deliciousness. It lived up to it's fabled awesomeness and then some. So, when we found out about the cookbook in English, we decided to eff the crappy exchange rate and get one for ourselves. (Plus, it looks like we won't be going back to Canada any time soon, so we may as well bring Montreal to San Francisco!)

Where to start? What to cook? As founding members of TEAM Excess and longtime readers of the cookbook-at-home stylin's of Carol and her French Laundry Rock Starness, naturally, we decided to do it all. Because it's fun. And we'll get to get our learn on. And it's a great excuse to share good food with good friends. And c'mon, there's pork and foie gras involved. What other reason do you need? None, thankyouverymuch.

Come, let's celebrate the pig!


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