Monday, April 28, 2008

Mission: Deviled Eggribiche (Out of Scope) A Ménage à trois

As mentioned earlier, we loved the sauce gribiche from PDC's White Asparagus with Sauce Gribiche recipe. We would eat it in a box. We would eat it with a fox. We would eat it here or there. We would eat it anywhere.

Asked to bring appetizers to a Sunday dinner party, we jumped at the chance to play with the Gribiche again. We monkeyed with the recipe a little to make Deviled Eggribiches, a Ménage à trois of recipes from Thomas Keller and Martin Picard, using a technique from Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques. The results were amazing.

deviled eggribiche

(This photo was taken fresh from the fridge the next day -- we saved a couple for home consumption, so it doesn't look quite as emulsified and delicious as it did the night before. But um, if you ate one for breakfast, you wouldn't be disappointed.)

They were a big hit and we were pleased with the addition of ideas from Keller (like dijon mustard and shallots) to Picard's original sauce and the super cute technique of Jacques to cut a little off the ends and bisect the egg across the equator to make little cups that stand on their own (instead of the normal oval half sections).

We used the ends and dead soldier egg whites (the ones where the yolk was in a funny place so it wouldn't work well as a cup) to mix in to the gribiche and we put it all through the blender/spice grinder for a smoother consistency. We noted that the fresher eggs we used (we mixed two cartons - one was a few weeks old and one was recently purchased) had much better yolk placement, and far less chance of the egg being oddly shaped by what appeared to be an air pocket (maybe they didn't have time for evaporation?) but were also a little harder to peel.

The trio worked well together and we now have a great new recipe for future egg appropriate events! Woo hoo!

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