Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mission: Foie Gras Hamburger

This week we're going back a little bit to a slightly simpler recipe that - at least on the face of it - is little more than just assembly. Let's get our mis en place on, eh?

Meez for the burger

Our burger fixin's consist of tomato confit, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar (we used 3-year Quebec cheddar), balsamic meat glaze, mesclun salad mix, and a pickle.

Tomato Confit, you say? Does that just fall out of the sky, you ask? Have you read nothing from our previous entries? It's a thing to make, friends! The recipe was not provided by The Album, so we poked around, meshed a few recipes together and finally decided on olive oil, tomato, garlic, salt and a bit of sugar.

Tomato Confit Before

And roasted it up nice.

Tomato Confit After

Now on to the balsamic Meat Glaze... which also did not fall out of the sky, and which made our kitchen smell really nice while reducing... and reducing... and reducing...

Balsamic Meez

Mix it up...

Onions and vinegar

More reducto!

Thick and delicious balsamic meat glaze

It was thick enough to coat a spoon and smelled AMAZING. And gave us another opportunity to deploy the venison stock!

Next up, Senor Foie!

The foie: before

Mmmmm... foie

The foie: getting its sear on

Searing the foie

Here we've piled on some of the assembly - that's the tomato confit, balsamic glaze (oh, we'll see you again later, balsamic glaze), and mushrooms on there...


And now, the final burger...

Foie Gras Hamburger

The foie burger was SUPERMUYDELICIOUS. Luckily, we split it, as it would have been almost too much of a good thing. Almost. The confit and glaze played really well together and made the fat almost seem light. (Yes, we said it made foie seem light. Maybe we just had a foie high, but that's kind of what it seemed like at the time.) We didn't really notice the salady mix or the mushies one way or the other, but we Trust In Chef Picard (TICP) and licked up every bite. It goes without saying (except that, well, we're saying it) that we would totally make this again!

Note to selves: To stay on schedule, be sure to post blog entries before undergoing major knee surgery!

Time, mis to eat: About two hours, 1.5 of those being dedicated to the balsamic sauce and the tomato confit. TOTALLY worth it! The rest was just assembly.

Next week: White Asparagus Salad (#7) and Chicken Pie (#8)

Blast from the past: Remember the La Coupe? So do we!


The Gourmet Chronicles said...

OMG, I think I've died & gone to heaven!!!

Anita said...

I'm getting chest pains just looking at that meez shot -- foie and cheddar? ye gods!