Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mission: PDC Petit Cornichons Sales (Pickles)

Who doesn't like pickles? No, not Mr. Pickles. No, not this Pickles, either. We're talking about pickles made from cucumbers. The kind of pickles that we have three or four jars of in our fridge of at any and all times. (We also have an emergency jar of ghetto pickles in the pantry: just in case.)

But really now: who doesn't like pickled things in general? What better unifier of cultures than vinegar, time, and the art of canning? Even tripe - tripe! - is good when it's pickled! (And certain people have shown us, recently, that tripe ain't always good.) Today we sally forth into our first batch of pickles and our first adventure with canning. By making pickles.

Did we tell you we like pickles? Let's DO IT!!!

First, we mis en place:


What's up with those cukes, you ask? Are those ice crystals, you ask? No, friends: those are rock salt crystals! To get ready for this recipe we got a couple of pounds of cucumbers and packed them in rock salt overnight:


And then, right after we took the meez picture, we put the cukes in some ice water to firm them up. We were dubious that this would work, but... trust in Chef Picard!


While this was happening, we got our jars and whatnot together for sterilization. This part involved a stock pot, boiling water, and was pretty much something you can imagine on your own. So here's a picture and a mystery: are these things sterile? Or pre-sterile?


The answer next week! Maybe. Anyway, we decided we wanted one jar of whole pickles, and one jar of pickle chips. So we got out the mandoline, and got to work:


And then we filled up the jars with the goods, just so:


And then we put them all to bed. Chef Picard recommends a month or more, and hopefully we can wait that long.

Notes to selves: Do we really have to wait a month? Really?

Time, mis to eat: A month? Or more? This is really sad.

Next Up: Something that's marinated in the tears we're shedding during this month or more that we're going to have to wait for these pickles... sweet, delicious pickles...

Blast from the past: Marrow ain't all that offal, is it?


charcuteire said...

You don't seem to be canning, but rather putting your cucumbers in jars to pickle. Also is there anyting there but the vinegar and the bay leaf. You can do a fine dill pickle, that will keep for a year or more, unrefridgerated at home. about the third or forth picture down is the pickle pantry.

J.T. said...

Thanks, Charcuteire - you are quite right. I'm afraid we were drafting this while multitasking, and were a bit sloppier with language than we should have been!

charcuteire said...

You certainly don't need to can to pickle. My first attempt were bread and butter pickles. I made a bunch for a party and we were still eating them six months later. Next time I did them i canned them instead of taking up reefer space, we have two.

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