Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mission: Pets Soeurs

Another week, another recipe; and this time... it's personal.

This week Jacob will re-enter the terrordome known as pastry and baking - that area where, long ago and far away he first learned his love of making food as an adult - where he has (he feels) failed spectacularly in this project. He will once again do battle and this time he will bring all his tricks to the table... including his new found love of all things maple!

Let's see how this works out, shall we? Mis en place:


As you can see, we have smartly prepared our pastry dough ahead of time and chilled it for 24 hours prior to our work. And because we're able to learn - slowly - from our mistakes, J went and stuck the dough back in the fridge after this shot to keep resting until we were ready for it, fully.

Meanwhile, we got our farmer's market butter in to the Cuisinart and whipped it up:


Which took essentially no time but did make it much easier to spread in the end. Now it was time to lightly flour our work surface:


And get to working on the pastry dough, like so:


Until we have a nice, if somewhat irregular, rectangle like thing on the board:


Now we trim to fit, setting the extra away for a flash of inspiration to come:


As you can see, that dough - being chilled well, and being worked up on a nicely floured surface - is not sticking to the board. Thank goodness. Anyway, now we paint one strip with egg yolk, and add a moderate amount of maple sugar (granulated), and end up with this:


Which is ready to roll into what those in the know call a "tube":


Just so! And here's what it looks like when all rolled up, and about to be wrapped in wax paper before going back into the fridge:


Now we chilled it for a while. And when it was time to serve, we cut it into pieces like so, below - the larger ones are the Pets Soeurs, the smaller ones will be revealed in a subsequent entry:


And into the heat they all went, for short period of time. Coming out they looked like this before we drenched them in a simple maple caramel sauce (consisting only of maple syrup and 35% MF cream):


And then we ate them, and gave some to our friends.

These were very good, certainly worth the making. At the very least, Jacob was able to finally reassert his pastry knowledge and feel good about how the dough turned out. They were intensely sweet - one or two was enough for us and our guests.

Note to selves: Exercise caution when cutting! The granulated maple sugar had a tendency to fall out when we cut the roll (technically called a "tube") into medallions (technically known as "disks").

Note to selves, TMI edition: Soeurs aren't the only ones who get pets from these things.

Time, mis to eat: About 24 hours, including dough chilling steps, less than an hour for assembly and baking.

Next Up: Melissa has a flash of inspiration and creates something very new, using things we have learned during this project!

Blast From the Past: We had some trouble sourcing these, but now they're everywhere in the farmer's market! Live and learn, I suppose.

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