Monday, June 23, 2008

Mission: PDC Corn Relish

So... we're back. There's been company, there's been madness, there's been mess... but that's all over, and we're back in the kitchen. Cooking it up. Canning it down. Doing it for YOU.

First up... some corn relish. No mis en place for this one - we were multitasking - but so you know, this dish involved corn, some delicious red bell peppers, vinegar, and some other stuff.

The first thing we needed to do was get the corn off the cob. And what better tool for that than... the CORN ZIPPER?


Then, we simmered the corn and the other stuff for a little while in our big red pot:


And after about 45 minutes it looked like this:


And was ready to go into the mason jar:

Ladle ladle ladle

And then the mason jar went into some boiling water for a while:


And then... we took it out, and put it with its brothers and sisters in the canning pantry:


We'll taste it in about a month or so.

For this recipe we leaned heavily on M's early 70's era Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which has a substantial and detailed canning section. It also had a recipe for corn relish that was much like the one we made here! But we're sure that it is not nearly as good as this will be.

Note to selves: We used about six ears of corn for this and got one mason jar out of it and maybe a forkful (each) to try. Next time we'll use more corn get more fresh to eat, because this was goooood.

Time, mis to eat: About two hours - most of which was either simmering the relish or boiling the can.

Next Up: Pig Feet Meatball Ragout. Really!

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