Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mission: Foie Gras Pizza

Everybody loves pizza! You do! We do! The Ramones did! We mean... it's pizza. Everyone loves it.

Everybody loves foie gras, too. You do! We do! The Ramones did! It's foie gras, people! It's heaven!

(What's that you say? Some people may have serious ethical concerns regarding foie gras, you say? Bah! Consider this: if those people were to eat foie without knowing where it came from what would they think? Would they want more? Or would they not?

You know what they'd think. They'd love it and they'd ask for more. And if it were us, we'd serve it to them. And if they asked, we'd call it meat butter.)

So this week we're going to put two great tastes - foie and za - together. Let's see what happens.

Mis en place!


So there's some salted foie we made a week or so ago, and pizza dough, and prosciutto (the book calls for lonzo, but we weren't able to source it easily: and the book does suggest going with prosciutto if needed). And figs!

Wait, figs?

Anyway, first we put the dough in the pan:


And then we sauce it up, adding figs and goat cheese:


And then we fired it for a while. When we were satisfied that it was about done, we put arugula (which we cannot spell correctly) on it and fired it again for 15 seconds or so to wilt it. Then we laid the prosciutto on top of that, just so:


And then we put the foie on top. Here's a slice:


And then we ate it up.

And the only word that came to mind was... meh. This wasn't an epic fail or anything (unlike, say, a certain cotton candy machine) but the dish was somehow a little less than the whole of its parts. We both got the feeling that the foie was added here because it could be added, not because it really brought anything to the party. Oh well.

Note to selves: We sure did have a good time at Melissa and Alex's wedding last week! Wahoo Melissa and Alex! Congratulations! Yay! Also, when salting foie, be sure to wrap it in plastic to keep it from drying out.

Time, mis to eat: About 45 minutes or so.

Next time: Fish and chips.

Blast from the past: Who cares where it comes from? It's good!


Matthew said...

I wonder if "lonzo" is the same thing as "lonza"? If it is, you can get it from Boccalone at the Ferry Building... and you really, really should. It's excellent.

J.T. said...

Melissa's been to Boccalone - we are doing our best not to sign up for their salumi Saturdays - and we've been really impressed with them so far. We'll head down there and get a few ounces of the stuff and see what we can see. If it's anything like prosciutto, and apparently it is, we'll like it a lot. Thanks for the tip!