Thursday, July 10, 2008

OOS: Respect the Tip Jar

Ripped from the headlines of our neighborhood, we have a sad tale to tell about something we bore witness to - kinda - at our favorite butcher.

Last night we went to Avedano's to pick up some sausage and steak for dinner. We drove up and came right in - and the butcher locked up the door behind us! Turns out that they had just - just! - been robbed. Well, the tip jar had been stolen. (Yes, our butcher has a tip jar. And yep, we tip - they're really good to us, and are great about sharing knowledge and butcher lore, and... we're food bloggers, for god's sake, what do you want?) Apparently, some drunk came into the shop, asking for money, and then produced a knife and ran off with the tip jar.

So while one butcher was explaining it to us, the other one was calling 911. And the cops were there within about 30 seconds. Some response time, huh?

Anyway, we ended up getting our sausage (one pork, one lamb; we ate'em straight after putting on high heat for a few minutes - delish) and steak (grass fed flank, which we seared and ate up with some pita) and it wasn't until we left that I realized that there was something really idiotic, and almost hilarious, about robbing a butcher... wielding a knife.

Since no one was hurt, let's call it funny. And let's reflect for a moment. It's a well known fact (among the underworld types... I'm told) that one is to be especially cautious - and perhaps even not to trust - a man who keeps pigs. I would think that one would always be on one's best behavior around shop run by women who no doubt know many men who keep pigs.

And on the other hand, a knife - of all things? Against a butcher? It's well-established that bringing a knife to a gunfight is a bad idea; what level of bad idea-ness would we call bringing a knife against a butcher?

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