Wednesday, July 2, 2008

OOS: Super Roll Up Surprise

During the creation of our Pets Soeurs we noticed that we had some extra pastry left over after trimming. It just so happened that we were making some onion soup base - we had run out after a slight misunderstanding regarding its true identity and had a wealth of caramelized onions laying about, along with some lardons.

Melissa noticed this, and gamely decided that it may be fun to try something new to us - and maybe new to the world - by piggybacking the Pets Soeurs recipe onto a flash of inspiration all her own. Here's how that turned out.

First, we rolled the remnants of the dough into a rectangle. Then we sugared it up:


What to add? How about some nice lardons, from our friends at Niman Ranch, cooked somewhat to render their goodness fat:


Things do go better with bacon, after all! But what else to add? How about some delicious caramelized onions! Surely that wouldn't hurt! But we better stop at that - who knows what these could do together! The world could come to a halt! We better paint yolk on the end of the dough, to seal:


And now Melissa rolled it up, like this:


Getting a finished tube (sorry for the technical terms), which went into the fridge for a while:


And then, when we were ready to get the Pets Soeurs underway, we put our new creation on the same silpat with them - they are the smaller ones, on the left:


And now here they are all baked, out of focus, in the back row:


We ended up dipping these in the maple caramel sauce as well.

These were... amazing. The savory of the bacon did a good job offsetting the sweet of the sugar and the onions. These would have been very good at any time of day (we say) but in the morning, with the caramel sauce, pets soeurs, eggs, and some mimosas, they were really just grand. But how bad can something be when it comes from such great recipes like the ones in the PDC Album?

Note to selves: Experimentation is good! Real good!

Time, mis to eat: About 24 hours, including dough chill times; 40 minutes or so for assembly and baking, about an hour for the onions and maybe 15 minutes for the lardons, if that.

Next up: We travel to Connecticut for the holiday and take this show on the road!

Blast from the past: Next week we finally get to try these.

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