Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Pig Roast - FAQ

What is this event all about?
The Pig Roast is our family’s autumnal celebration of S. scrofa domesticus. Annually, we acquire a whole, cleaned animal from a butcher. We roast it and serve it to several dozen of our friends, colleagues, and acquaintances; celebrating fellowship with all who attend.

Sounds pretty involved. Not that we don’t respect you, but are you really up for this kind of thing?
It is pretty involved. But we are more than up for it. There’s a lot of planning and there are many, many lists. This is our fifth year and our fourth pig (one year we did ribs instead) and every year is better than the last.

How do you prepare the pig?
We roast the entire animal, all at once, in a device called a Caja China. Developed by some particularly motivated Miami Cubans, it not only cooks the meat perfectly, it also produces the crispy skin appreciated by people of refinement from Havana to Shanghai. It takes several hours and about 50 lbs of charcoal to do this. 

Neat! What can I bring?
If you’d like, you can bring a savory side dish or a bottle of wine (we like red). But you don’t have to bring anything other than your appetite: we'll have lots of protein, some basic sides, and the usual keg of Guinness and great big bottle of red wine flowing.

Can I bring the kids?
Yes! Last year we about 10 kids to go along with the 40+ adults who attended – including our (now) three-some-odd year old, Vivienne. 

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, but no. While our dogs - Indy and OOMA - are friendly and great with kids, it'd be problematic to have a new dog on the scene at the roast. Thanks for your understanding.

I’m vegetarian/vegan/keeping kosher/only eating halal meat these days. Is there anything for me at the Pig Roast?
We offer fellowship to all, and you are truly welcome to attend. But you may want to bring some of your own food to the festivities because, well, it is a pig roast.

Do you have an amusing anecdote revolving around pigs, the month of December, and Jacob’s "Czech" heritage?
Yes! Being a sensible people of taste and distinction, Czechs traditionally eat pork for their Christmas and New Year’s meals.  This practice is so common that that in the glorious and noble language of the Czech people, the word used for the month of December – Prosinec – literally translates to ‘slaughter of pigs’ in English.  Jacob, who’s very first dish cooked had a sausage component, and who would go on to become co-author of this very blog, feels a natural resonance with this, and is thrilled that this year's scheduled event falls in December.  (Note: Jacob is not actually Czech.)
A typical Czech family preparing a freshly slaughtered hog.
Note that we will NOT be slaughtering a pig at this year's roast.

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