Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mission: Spare Ribs & BBQ Sauce

While we have officially broadened our scope, we sometimes like to revisit the Album. This time, we were inspired by the Venison Spare Ribs (and accompanying sauce). Since previous research indicated that we would have to buy venison by the case, we kept it simple with pork spare ribs. 

Oddly enough, we had everything on hand (including bourbon and grapefruit juice), except spare ribs and A-1. Easy enough to remedy!

We sliced the onions and flambéed! (Another reason this recipe looked fun. Who doesn't love to light things on fire?!?)

Added all the other stuff (except mustard). Cooked it down. Then blended it all together.

OMG. This sauce was uber delicious! Thick and sweet, with many a nuance. The recipe called for a very small amount of everything (likely enough to cover just the two racks of ribs recommended), so after tasting the first round, we QUADRUPLED the recipe. 'Cause it was that good. And would go well with chicken or other such bbq loving foods. While the list of ingredients was a bit long, this sauce was easy and a WINNER. Definitely destined to make it to the next pig roast!

Meanwhile, the ribs were boiled in chicken stock, with a bunch of veg.

We ended up with some delicious porky/chicken broth, and some cooked ribs.

When we were ready to eat, we slathered the sauce on the ribs, and broiled it up. (And yes, we served it with tater tots. That's how we roll.)

The ribs themselves were OK. We are not sure about the whole boiling method, but did not let that stop us from enjoying them all slathered up in our new favorite sauce! DELISH.

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